The .Net Core CLI

How to Get Started Using the .NET Core Command Line

A lot has changed in the land of .NET Core since my last blog post. For me, the best change is the .NET Core tooling. The command line interface (CLI) has really been greatly improved. I’d previously recommended yeoman to setup a new .NET Core project, but now for most scenarios I use the CLI. The .NET Core CLI Basic Commands The .NET Core CLI gives you a quick easy way to do things like: [Read More]

Setting Up Your .Net Core Environment

Get .NET Core Up and Running In No Time At All With the .NET CLI and VS Code

There are a lot of blog posts and articles about .NET core. Most of them are focused on developing .NET core applications through Visual Studio. That’s great, but I know a lot of .NET developers view the console more like this: Let’s change that. This will be the first in a series of posts focusing on using the command line and VS Code to develop, build, and maybe even deploy some . [Read More]

Arduino Halloween Pumpkin

How I Built a Decorative Arduino Powered Halloween Decoration

I’ve been trying to introduce my kids to tech in different ways. Right before Halloween I had a pretty simple idea for a Halloween project that my kids and I could work on - a cheap plastic pumpkin that would flash some LEDs when someone walked past it. Pretty basic. I mentioned this to my kids (4 & 2 at the time) and they both seemed interested. While we were talking about our pumpkin plans my son said that it should make noise in addition to the flashing lights. [Read More]